Uncomfortable shoes are history, check Mime et moi

This invention will solve problems with uncomfortable shoes because of high hells usage. If you are a woman, at least once in your life certainly have met with unpleasant pain in the legs when you wear high heels. Now it`s time to say goodbye to aching feet.

This amazing innovation comes from Germany. One of the local companies have lunched the sandals with removable heels. High heels can change with the medium height, lower or flat. For this type of shoes you will pay about 175 euros, but to avoid painful feet and legs it may be even worth it.



Mime et moi is the name of a company which is located in Germany and produce this amazing solution for all ladies around the world.

With this shoes you cover all type of shoes which you are using through the day. You can choose it for work, running after work, lunch at the restaurant and for most incredibly dancing party in your favorite club at the evening. Mime et moi sandals are adjustable shoes which can be adjusted for any occasion and style. It`s perfect for daily use, in other hand also for luxury and style. With click system heels changing is easy and straightforward.



uncomfortable shoes
Mime et moi


Mime et moi lunch new very good looking design which covers timelessness, elegance and functionality. Shoes are available in different colors and also materials. Customer can choose three heel heights (3, 7 and 10 cm).


Say good bay to uncomfortable shoes and visit their web page:

Mime et moi web page

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