WikiLeaks In 2017 ! OMG what is happening?

Wikileaks will offer us over fifty,000 emails within the notorious #PodestaFiles, that documented former cosmonaut.  Mitchell wrote to John Podesta concerning formal ET revealing and free energy technology.

Wikileaks additionally free over twenty seven thousand emails from the Democratic National Convention. The emails once and for all tried proven that the DNC was lateen-rigged in favor of mountain climber Clinton over Bernie Sanders further as proving that the Clinton campaign received discussion queries before from former CNN correspondent adult female Brazile.

Wikileaks unconcealed that the U.S. was arming, funding and coaching Republic of Yemen military forces.
The text from the TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) was unconcealed by Wikileaks, that was a significant blow to the deal as all of the small print might then be scrutinized and examined by the general public.

At this point we can only guess how the documents will affect the people. The government is always trying to cover up all strange things that are happening in order to protect us. So lets wait and see how it is going to turn.

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