4 chord songs

4 Chord songs ! ! !

4 chord songs for you guys and girls. Did  you always wanted to play guitar and sing in front of thousand people or just in front of your friends??

Well if u suck at singing you can always try with an instrument if your vocal is not good enough. So you probably want to play guitar instantly! right? If the answer is yes then here is a first must to know video with 4 basic chords to learn:

After hard work 37min of practice you should know the basic chords. Next step is to watch these amazing videos of Riptard playing 200+ songs using same 4 chords. They could be in a different structure in the different songs but the chords are the same.

And one more thing if you want to mix it up just add a different strumming pattern to your song that is being played.

I hope you will enjoy this post and do not listen to your roommate if you got one, good luck!

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