What Trump Can Do To Be A Successful President

Much hinges on the upcoming presidency of Donald Trump. Will he make good on his promises to “drain the swamp?” Will he create a more peaceful relationship with Russia? Will he actually be able to “build the wall?” Clearly, there is opposition and support for these and other initiatives he has in mind. Ultimately, the success of a Trump presidency must be based on helping all people. It must rise above the two-party, left vs. right, liberal vs. conservative illusion.

As many already know, the two-party system is one in which the elite use to deploy the infamous “divide and conquer” strategy. The masses are split up and argue amongst each other, while the real power players pull the strings and maintain their quiet control over all political, financial and social systems we have in place.

trump1The first thing Donald Trump can do to be a successful president is to continue questioning, and when appropriate, defying individuals and organizations that are lying or attempting to persuade him to align with the global elite’s agenda. Trump has questioned the intelligence community’s assertions that “Russia hacked the election” and continues to do so. It must be remembered that the CIA lies for its living. It is in the business of lying for the elite’s agenda. The unfortunate reality is that the CIA has indeed been politicized and it appears that Trump is seeing through the lies of these agencies and is instead, discerning truth from fiction.

One former CIA spy has a very interesting view on this situation. Though it must be stated that Robert Steele isn’t just an average former spy, as he has quite the resume’. Robert worked for the CIA but left the to start the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity. He has pioneered the Open Source Intelligence discipline across the Department of Defense, Special Operations Forces and NATO. He has also trained over 7,500 officers from 66 countries in open source methods and has over 18 years’ experience in the U.S. intelligence community and another 20 years’ experience in commercial intelligence and training.

Robert said of Trump defying the intelligence community:

“As a CIA spy, I have faked intelligence, lied to government leaders, and managed a modest false flag operation (no one died). This is what CIA does. I accuse John Brennan, Director of the CIA, of being a liar who is in betrayal of the public trust with his lies. The most recent DHS-FBI report – and related reports from small companies seeking to curry favor with the Deep State – are absolute crap. I am reminded of the 935 now-documented lies told by Dick Cheney to justify a $5 trillion war and multiple occupations from Afghanistan to Niger. 

The US media, very much under control, is both replaying the false narrative against the Russians, and strictly avoiding any independent commentary on the fact that it is US traitors, not the Russians, who are the threat to US peace and prosperity. It is highly likely that the neo-Nazi element in European leadership is conspiring with the neo-Nazi, neo-conservative element in US leadership, to start a war with Russia. War is a business model for the City of London and Wall Street, for the Vatican and the Rothschilds.”


To be successful, the second item Trump can accomplish is to make good on his promise to create a more peaceful relationship with Russia. In the realm of human rights and philosophy, transcending far above any ideological political structure, rests the the simple truth that peace with other nations is paramount. What is important to note here is that a person does not need to support or even like Trump (or whoever). What must be supported though is the action itself. If peace is genuinely trying to be established, we must support this action. Again, this is mere human rights and goes far beyond political party biases.

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