Book proves: The Pope is surrounded by priests who hides pedophiles!

Italian journalist Emiliano Fittipaldi meets the journalists at the foreign press club, in Rome, Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2015.

“Lust” (Lussuria) is the title of the new book of “L’Espresso” specialist for Vatican Emiliano Fittipaldi. The theme of the book is the most controversial mortal sin, a sales success guaranteed!

One of the Fittipaldies key thesis is that Pope Francis didn’t do enough, almost nothing to eradicate pedophilia of the Catholic Church, even being surrounded with those who covered up pedophilia: between nine cardinals of the Curia, at least three of them are suspected of pedophilia, said Fittipaldi.

A key member of the Cardinals, its coordinator Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga, is also on the Fittipaldies list. As archbishop of the capital of Honduras, gave asylum to refuge Enrique Vasquez, who escaped from the four countries against charges of pedophilia and who was chased by the FBI and Interpol.

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