By plane traveled last year 3.7 billion passengers!

With the fall of the prices of airline tickets have become more accessible journey, which has brought new record – last year the airline carried a record 3.7 million passengers, which is 6.3 percent more than the year before. It has been imposed 700 new air routes,  price for return fare went down on average to 44 dollars.


Especially significant growth in intercontinental traffic, which last year soared to 6.7 percent, internal flights, but last year was 5.7 percent. The highest growth in international traffic was detected carriers from the Middle East (11.8 percent), the Asia-Pacific region (8.3 percent) and Latin America and Africa (7.4 percent).

European airlines while according to IATA’s detected a 4.8 percent increase in international traffic, while North American carriers only 2.6 percent.

Example of cheap air providers:

China Southern Airlines

Indigo Airlines

Air Asia Online Booking

Thai Air

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