Madman on 2 wheels established a world record!

Markus Stöckl is known in the world of special cycling as Mad Max, but there is a very good reason. Austrian ‘daredevil’ on a bicycle racing without fear, what many of us do not reach even in the new car on the highway. In his latest undertaking Stockl is driving down the mountain in the Atacama Desert, in Chile, reached a speed of 167.6 km/h and broke the record, which he himself held. ‘Crazy’ Austrian needs for reaching this speed through the course of 650 meters took only 11 seconds, but he managed it on Mondraker Summum bike.


‘Mad’ Markus, who is 43-year-old from Oberndorf, ‘he threw himself on the head’ on a slope at an angle of 45 degrees and broke the record which was set up in 2011 on a volcano in Nicaragua, where he raced 164.95 km/h.

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