Strange Things People Try To Take On Aeroplanes!

America’s Transport Security Administration collected a record 67 firearms from carry-on bags across the US — and 56 of those guns were loaded.

They also found a bunch of throwing stars, 19 stun guns and Tasers, and a canister of gun powder.

It may come as a surprise to Australians, but the TSA says “you can travel with your firearms in checked baggage”, but they must first be declared to the airline.

The TSA also allows passengers to transport ammunition, but only in checked baggage.

It also frequently reminds passengers that any items that look like a real bomb, grenade or mine are prohibited.

This may sound like common sense, but a 15-year-old boy caused chaos recently when he entered a Canadian airport with a bomb-shaped alarm clock in his carry-on bag.

The teenager, who was travelling from Toronto to Vancouver, was pulled aside after a screening officer noticed the object in his luggage.


 1. Grenades
More than 140 inert or novelty handgrenades were discovered last year by the TSA in both checked and carry-on bags.
2. A meat slicer
A meat slicer was discovered in a carry-on bag at the Southwest Florida International Airport last year. Blades on slicers, blenders, and food processors are razor sharp and are prohibited from being packed in carry-on bags, says the TSA.
3. Axes and mallets

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