101 Year Old Woman Finally Gets Her University Degree

101 Year Old Woman Finally Gets Her University Degree

By Bradley Smith - March 12, 2018

Catherine Palmer, a 101 year old woman has finally been granted her university certificate after having finished her degree with honors back in 1938.  Palmer attended the Victoria University of Manchester in 1935 and studied English, however was never given her certificates.


During the war she was placed in St Mary’s and St Thomas hospital, and only after WW2 did she start to use her degree to teach English at the University of North London.


She took great pride in her students, many of which were from across the world. She would even commonly invite them to live with her and her family during their studies.


Catherine was incredibly delighted to finally get her certificate, which now sits next to her card from the queen.  She always talked to her daughter Alison about her university days and a very happy and special period, and how it would bother her that there was no evidence.


Her daughter felt that it was important to contact the university staff and make sure that her mother would get the recognition that she deserves.   She had a long and accomplished teaching career as well as three child and five grandchildren.


At the age of 101, she still lives an active and independent life.




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