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3 Famous Basketball Moves for the Ultimate Crossover

Jun 24, 2023 ByClaire Miles

Basketball for beginners can be a pretty demanding sport. Not everyone is gifted with perfect movement and strategy coordination, which can be a deal breaker in the playing field. The key to being prepared for the crossovers in the court is practicing individual moves that can place you at a competitive advantage over your opponents.

The first move on the list is Steph Curry’s “Toe Tap Crossover.” The appeal of this move lies in shifting focus away from the ball, which, all throughout the move, remains stably situated and distracts the opponent with swift foot movement. This can be paired with a few dribbles here and there, creating the illusion that you are shifting in one direction, only to move in the other when the opponent moves with you.

The second move is called the “Turnout Crossover.” The splendid movement is convenient because it is rooted in three steps to help you dodge your opponent. First, the ball hits the floor. Second, you do a turn, with the knee being your turning point. While you turn, lastly, you also drop down a level to ensure the ball is out of the standard reach of the opposing player.

Two young athletic boys with muscular build playing basketball, throwing a ball into the basket.

Getty Images/Moment/Yana Iskayeva

The third move is Dirk Nowitzki’s “Fade away.” This move is to be used when you’re close to the basket. For this, lean in your weight into the defender so they think that you’re moving in their general direction, but then quickly lean back on the previous foot, lift the knee of the outside leg facing the defender to create a buffer between you two, flick your wrist simultaneously and shoot the ball in the basket. Remember, if hit with force, the knee that is propped up can also knock you out of balance, but then you can get the leverage of a foul. So it all circles back in your favor.