5+ Meaningful Gifts That Feel Personal and Thoughtful

Aug 04, 2021 ByAndrew Parker

Gift-giving is an art form. Anyone who’s desperately tried to impress someone they care for with their thoughtfulness and creativity, only to come up short, will agree. It’s just so hard to think of a significant and sincere gift these days. It seems as though most gifts just don’t really convey much anymore. With that said, here are a few personal and meaningful gift ideas that are sure to put a smile (or even a tear) on your loved ones’ faces.

Light up your loved ones’ lives no matter the distance with these in-sync lamps.

While these lamps are admittedly pretty in their own right, what’s truly remarkable about them is that every time one of them is touched, its counterpart changes colors accordingly. This makes them a great way to physically show people that they’re in your thoughts, even when you’re too far to show them yourself.

For more information on the Long Distance Friendship Lamp, click here.

This Beautiful ‘Blossom necklace’ holds the smallest possible bible engraved on a nanochip at its center.

The necklace also comes with a ‘blessing’ written on a card, making it a great way to wish your loved ones well, especially if they want to strengthen their own beliefs. That being said, the necklace is just gorgeous, and the technology behind it is awesome in and of itself.

For more information on the Blossom Necklace, click here.

With this fingerprint key chain, your loved one will be able to take you with them wherever they go.

Let’s face it: the best gifts are the ones that combine usefulness and thoughtfulness. This keyring is the perfect gift if you want your loved one to remember you every morning when they lock up their door and every evening when they come back home. Not only can you have your fingerprint engraved on it, but you can also engrave your name on it.

For more information on this Custom Key Chain, click here.

these infinity scarves are silkscreened by hand with passages from some of the world’s greatest books.

This is a great gift for those bookish bookwormy people that can’t seem to get their heads out of the pages of their favorite novel and outside the door. Hopefully, maybe wearing their literary inspirations right by their necks will help with all that “being a functional member of society” thing we’re all tasked with.

For more information on the Literary Scarf, click here.

Bring some peace and humor into your loved ones’ gardens with these zen dog garden sculptures.

Some people desperately need a little bit of peace and quiet in their lives; others could use a bit of humor; some just need a statue of a meditating dog to embellish their garden. Whatever they may need, we’re sure that these meditating zen dogs will cover just that.

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