A Baby Is Born At Chick-fil-A

A Baby Is Born At Chick-fil-A

By - August 5, 2018

Three months prior to the birth of the daughter of Robert and Falon Griffin, they purchased an adorable pink onesie that had ‘Little Nugget’ written on it. Perhaps this couple believes in fate, because it sure seems so as their little girl Gracelyn was in fact born inside of a Chic-fil-A location.


Yep, you got that right.


As Falon was having contractions, she stopped at the Chick-fil-A parking lot to drop off her other two daughters to some friends on the way to the hospital.   Falon needed to use the bathroom before continuing onto the hospital, but she didn’t make it quite so far.


The store director quickly grabbed some towels and everyone knew what was about to happen. Robert helped his wife deliver their baby on the floor of the restaurant.


Falon was terrified, especially knowing that her husband was not experienced in such a task. However, Robert managed to step up to the plate and save the day, successfully delivering his daughter.


The couple could not believe that they just had a baby in Chick-fil-A.  The family was transported to the hospital where Gracelyn wore her ‘Little Nugget’ onesie for the first time.


But the story gets even better, the owners of the franchise offered Gracelyn free food from Chick-fil-A for life, as well as a guaranteed job when she turns 14 years old.


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