A Lawyer Couldn’t Get Any Work Done Because Someone Kept Ordering Him Pizzas

A Lawyer Couldn’t Get Any Work Done Because Someone Kept Ordering Him Pizzas

By Brittney Anderson - February 18, 2018

A German lawyer recently had no choice but to file a complaint with the Dortmund police because he kept receiving pizzas to his office. In the course of less than three weeks,  Grolle has had over 100 pizzas delivered to his office, none of which he ordered.  He called the police in the hopes of catching the pizza ordering culprit and having this madness come to an end.


Even before he leaves his house in the morning, he often will get emails informing him that the pizzas he has ordered will arrive at his office at lunch time.  Several pizza delivery men come daily to give Grolle all the pizzas that he never ordered.


The lawyer expresses his frustration and that he hasn’t been able to get any work done with so many people constantly calling him, emailing him and coming in and out delivering pizza.  He also expresses that he has absolutely no idea who is behind this pizza situation, and that he has no enemies or angry clients that he can think off.  Grolle can’t even grasp his head around how one person could place so many orders so quickly. One morning, within approximately 25 minutes he received 15 different pre-order emails.


He thought that perhaps his computer had a virus, but even after checking with an expert, nothing was found. The police as well have yet to uncover this mysterious case.  For now, Grolle has set up a filter on his email account and turns off his phone during work in order to focus without receiving calls upon calls from pizza companies.


Whoever is behind this weird prank has started to diversify the menu and is now having other foods delivered other than pizza.  The police understand the situation to be one of stalking. Based on German law,  anyone involved in an unauthorized pursuit of someone else that can affect their life can some with a penalty as severe as up to three years in jail.




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