A Movie With Five Different Endings

A Movie With Five Different Endings

By - May 17, 2018

The Angry River is a short and interactive film that has five different endings about a family of human traffickers. How is this possible? Is uses eye-tracking technology, as well as artificial intelligence. The technology gauges who the viewer is looking at it and where their eyes are most focused on. The film that adjusts itself to one of five story lines to best suit the viewer.


It’s basically a movie with an added interactive features of a multiple-ending video game. The only difference? This time, instead of using a controller, you do it with your eyes.  The filmmaker behind this genius idea, Armen Perian says that he got this idea in his head and did everything he could to make it reality.


Perian teamed up with Crossbeat New York, a tech company that developed this eye-tracking technology, as well as the machine that controls the story line.  The movie was filmed in Oregon, and was then edited into five different perspectives. It plays like a regular movie, but is really tailored to what the viewer wants by using an advanced algorithm.


Viewers can now become the directors, and we hope to see this in other films to come.


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