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A Trip To Dubai

Apr 13, 2022 ByMarc Gordon

There are many things you can do in Dubai; of these things, adventure is what will grab your desire. When in Rome, act like Romans. When in Dubai, ensure to take along your camera, money, family/friend/lover, and most importantly enjoy yourself. There is a reason why Dubai today is a go-to tourist center from the beautiful desert to the food, the people, and the wildlife. 

Nothing screams Dubai other than the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building that gives you a colorful and blinding view of the Dubai landscape. Here is certainly one of my fav recommendations as this gives you the feeling of being able to touch the sky. Almost like a celestial being. Dubai is a place housing multiple cultures and different people from all walks of life, it has become a trade hub housing every possible race, gender, and personality. If you do plan to visit, I recommend heading for the Dubai Souk. What many fail to mention Is the diversity amongst the people and how well they relate.

Dubai happens to be in the Arabian desert and its desert is one of the most talked-about from the hot air balloon flying above or the camel riding or the sky diving or just experiencing the sands. Speaking of sands, there is one great mention and that is the most magnificent manmade island – Palm Jumeirah. Filled with some of the best high-end hotels and beaches.

Aerial View of The Palm Jumeirah in Dubai

GettyImages/Vicki Jauron, Babylon and Beyond Photography/Moment

Some of the unpopular tourist activities to engage in in Dubai are, Microlight Flight, Sandboarding, Dinner in the Sky, IMG World of Adventure, Flyboarding, and Zipline.

Dubai is all about giving you a taste of luxury, locale, and fun. So, when in Dubai go for a walk on the beautiful city streets, party like there’s no tomorrow, try out something new like holding an Eagle, tasting Arabian pastries and desserts. Most importantly ensure to use to capture every moment.