Adopting A Cat

Jul 20, 2023 ByClaire Miles

Adopting a cat is one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself, and the cat! Cats are lovely animals and make the best pets, and adopting them from an animal shelter is the most sensible course of action, ethically and financially. Cats are extremely cute animals, and even those opposed to the idea of bringing a cat home eventually warm up to them because the cat demands to be loved with its adorable face and hilarious antics. Animal shelters house hundreds and thousands of vulnerable and abandoned animals, nursing them to health and allowing them to be their carefree selves again. All they require is a loving and responsible home and owner who will take care of them the way they deserve.

Cats are the best companions, especially in old age, and adopting them from the animal shelter will save more than one life. Since animal shelters are overcrowded with needy animals, adopting a cat from a shelter will provide a well-deserved home for the adopted cat, and free up space for more rescued animals at the shelter simultaneously thus, it is the most ethical course of action. A cat from the shelter will be vaccinated and trained. Plus, its caretakers will be familiar with its personality and likes and dislikes as well hence, it is the financially sensible course of action as well.

High angle view of tabby cat looking at hand holding bowl with cat food

Getty Images/Moment/Cris Canton

Cats are also very low-maintenance animals as they require their own space and independence, so there is no need for constant 24-hour attention and surveillance of the cat. It is perfectly capable of taking care of itself, and would even prefer some me time. So, a cat is the perfect companion for those with a busy schedule. Also, cats are known to help psychologically by improving the mental health of their owners. Thus, adopting a cat from the shelter should definitely be worth consideration.
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