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Animated Movies for Kids

Mar 18, 2023 ByClaire Miles

Who does not love getting lost in the land of animation every once in a while? Animated movies are a great way for kids to explore different worlds, stories, and characters. Over the years, some truly amazing animated films have been made specifically for kids that will bring joy and laughter to all ages. Here are some favorite animated movies for kids. Coco is a Disney/Pixar animated film inspired by the Day of the Dead in Mexico and has won not one but two Oscars for Best Animated Feature and Best Song in 2017. Miguel, a young boy, was forbidden by his relative to play music, but he aspired to be a musician. He is magically transported to the land of the dead, and through various adventures, he discovers his family, love, and long tradition. Prepare yourself because you will cry a lot in this movie.

Ratatouille is about Remy, a Parisian rat who loves to eat. But unlike the other rats in his pack, he does not eat anything. He is picky about food and dreams of becoming a celebrity chef. Luckily, he gets stuck in the sewers right below one of the City of Light’s hottest restaurants. Here he meets Alfredo, and they both realize their aspirations as a team. Part of the film’s charm lies in the relationship between Alfredo and Remy and how it unfolds. Even Anton Ego, an intimidating and arrogant food critic, is a memorable character.

In the movie Zootopia, Judy Hopps is the first rabbit to become a police officer in Zootopia, a city filled with all kinds of animals. When a new case appears on her desk, and she needs the help of sneaky fox Nick Wilde, things get exciting and sometimes very entertaining. Characters like a sloth who works at the city’s Department of Motor Vehicles office and an infamous shrew will make you and your kids giggle. The film is a bold project, offering an entertaining visual that families can passively enjoy and a subtext that remains in the hearts of mature audiences.