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Are Professional Athletes Overpaid?

May 29, 2023 ByClaire Miles

The typical public compensation in the US for a firefighter is about $45,000 per year. It’s about $56,000 for a teacher and almost $74,000 for a hospital nurse. In contrast, somebody who plays football professionally is paid over 700-fold as somebody who assists in saving people’s lives or swinging a bat gets almost 650-fold the amount as these individuals.

Of course, athletes are genuinely pushed as far as possible every day of the week. Their presentation straightforwardly influences the value of the groups for which they play. These groups are enormous associations worth billions of dollars. We are paying athletes ridiculous cash to perform on public TV for amusement. In the meantime, soldiers, firefighters, and police officers actually serve to save people every day. Shouldn’t these people be worth more than amusement?

As indicated by Forbes, Kobe Bryant made $250 million per year, Cristiano Ronaldo makes roughly $60 million every year, and Barack Obama made $400,000 per year during his tenure as President. Accepting these pay rates mirrors how much turn out expected for the position. Playing soccer or football must be more complex than running a whole country. Regardless of your perspective, the person getting compensated 15-20 million dollars to swing a bat is making more per game than the typical American household makes in the whole ten years.

Toronto Raptors forward Juancho Hernangomez (41) hauls in a rebound as the Toronto Raptors fall to the Brooklyn Nets at Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, November 23, 2022.

Getty Images/Toronto Star/Steve Russell

In any case, it’s not the athletes’ issue that their wages are so high. Group owners and all the major associations earn billions of dollars yearly. Some of it comes from fans who shell out tons of money for exorbitant game tickets, enormously overrated snacks at arenas and fields, and hoodies and caps with their club’s logo. Be that as it may, undeniably, more comes from the multibillion-dollar bargains made with links and Television stations to broadcast these games. With associations and group owners making such gigantic totals, the athletes merit an enormous portion of it.