Eye Opening Photos Of America’s Hippie Communes
By carly miller - February 11, 2021

Throughout the late 1960s and 1970s, America’s youth grew dissatisfied with society. The product was hippie culture, where like-minded individuals lived together in communities and villages away from society. Hippies joined together to build a life centered around artistic expression, spiritual traditions, and generally a mode of living that was not in line with mainstream American values. From fire-eaters to Woodstock, take a look at these photographs that show what life looked like in hippie communes.

Woodstock attendees slept wherever they could.

Via Imgur

Obviously, Woodstock was the place to be! Though they struggled to get there (insane traffic jams) and only about half a million people reached the venue. But once they arrived, the challenges didn’t stop there. The crowds experienced bad weather, muddy conditions, and a lack of food, water and sanitation. People slept wherever they could!