Awkward First Date Situations And How To Deal With Them

Apr 25, 2020 ByLaura Lee

First dates can be really awkward. Ask any of your friends who are single and they will most definitely tell you that the worst is first dates. You meet up with someone you don’t know but think you might be interested in for a cup of coffee. You have to talk about yourself and ask them questions. You have to be cute, funny, smart, and poised but approachable all at the same time. It’s just a lot, okay? Meeting someone for the first time, trying to create something romantic while not even knowing each other is stressful. Here’s how to deal with some typical first date situations in the best way possible.

Your Date Has Something In Their Teeth. Your date has some food in their teeth. Uh-Oh! Maybe it’s even in their hair, or on their face. Well this is super awkward. Actually, if it’s not in their teeth, it’s probably fine to just tell them, but anywhere else is a little bit too invasive. You could either try to ignore it, but when they discover it after your date might feel embarrassed.  Maybe check your own teeth very obviously so that they feel the need to, and also comfortable to check their own.

You Don’t Recognize Your Date. On a blind date, sometimes it can be pretty hard to recognize them, especially since people often post much more flattering pictures of themselves online.  Maybe you’ve got a few unsaved numbers and don’t know which one to call to check if it’s really them. What do you do? You say a prayer that you aren’t being catfished and then send a text to all unknown numbers asking where they are. Keep an eye out for someone else that’s looking lost.

Your Date Arrives Late. It can be a pretty vulnerable experience to show up to the date, not knowing how it will go and what your date will be like. We can almost feel the bar’s staff looking at us and know that were waiting for a first date. But truth be told, no one is really paying attention.  So make yourself comfortable, grab a seat, and remind yourself that your date being late is totally not personal.  See how apologetic your date is about being late, and then decide how mad you’ll get.