BBC Journalist Speaks Out After Mom’s Bizarre, Untimely Death

BBC Journalist Speaks Out After Mom’s Bizarre, Untimely Death

By - December 14, 2017


Ian Stringer, the award-winning journalist who works for BBC as a sports presenter, has tweeted a heartbreaking tribute to his mother Christine Elizabeth Davies after her mysterious death in Lincoln recently.


Christine Elizabeth Davies was 55 years old when she was found dead in her room on 16 June 2016. She was depended on alcohol and reportedly lived alone. Nobody checked her for almost two months, and no one had even so much as knocked on her door once for seven weeks.


A neighbor noticed it first, and later Ian was notified by another neighborhood officer about his mom’s death.


Ian Stringer became shocked much at his mother’s cause of death. Ian has said that he did “the best” he could. In the tweet, he has written: “Tough day. If you know somebody who is suffering as an alcoholic, please offer help & wait. I hope they accept your offer. I did my best Mam, I promise.”


“Some people might ask why we didn’t check on her but we had tried and tried with our mum for many years,” Ian has also mentioned.


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