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Beach Reads for Your Consumption

Jul 10, 2022 ByAndrew Parker

The thrill of the start of a new season is always with the arrival of summer. Even while we will not be able to accomplish all we’d like to just yet, the world is gradually finally opening up again and integrating the “new normal.” A collection of books you can’t wait to get into would nonetheless feel lacking in the summer. Here are some excellent books to add to your list this summer, whether packing a suitcase for the beach or just lounging on your balcony and enjoying the sunshine.

Impostor Syndrome by Kathy Wang is a gripping political thriller with the feel of a classy spy book and a big juicy company expose. In her much-awaited second book, Kathy Wang tells the story of a low-level Silicon Valley employee who discovers that the COO of her firm isn’t who she claims to be. This book is perfect if you’re looking for a seductive summer read. Tia Williams’ novel Seven Days in June tells the story of reunited high school sweethearts who reconnect fifteen years after their disastrous week together. Shane is a literary prodigy, while Eva is a famous romance author. Since then, they have continued to include each other in their novels. For the first time since they were teenagers, they now encountered one another.

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Kristen Radtke, “Seek You: A Journey Through American Loneliness.” We’ve all experienced loneliness in one way or another during the previous two years. In this book, Kristen examines the sense of loneliness through the lens of a graphic memoir and anthropological research. Since there is such a strong desire for interpersonal connection, she investigates the extent people would go to avoid it. Summer wouldn’t be complete without a fantastic romantic comedy novel in your library. The most recent book by Jasmine Guillory, “While We Were Dating,” portrays an aspiring ad guy named Ben as he develops a connection with a movie actress named Anna. We have to admit that it seems like the ideal beach read.