Catfished Into Believing He’s Been Dating Katy Perry For Six Years

Catfished Into Believing He’s Been Dating Katy Perry For Six Years

By - August 19, 2018

Award-winning singer, songwriter and actress, Katy Perry, who is loved by millions of dedicated fans across the globe most likely doesn’t need to use any kind of dating app to find a romantic partner.


But since we’re living in the 21st century and internet dating is the most normal and popular thing, Spencer Morrill truly believed that he came across the singer online and went for it. They shared an immediate connection, which led to a a six year long love affair, where they communicated with one another through emails and texts.



Despite never actually meeting Katy and only speaking on the phone once, Spencer decided to take the risk and spent a whole lot of money on an engagement ring for Katy.  Spencer told MTV that Katy is hilarious, smart and overall awesome. That she’s got a huge heart and is full of life.


Too bad for Spencer, it was all a lie.  The real Katy Perry had never even heard of him and he was the victim of one of the most elaborate catfish stories ever.  The scheme was revealed when Spencer appeared on Catfish, an MTV show which exposes people who create fake profile to trick someone into falling for them.


The show was able to trace the woman posing as Katy Perry to a woman named Harriet in Gloucester, England. Despite everything, Spencer refused to believe the truth until Nev, the show’s presenter had a talk with him.


Harriet apparently wanted his company after her father passed away, and losing herself in the fantasy helped her with the tough times. Katy Perry however did hear the story and now knows who Spencer is, at least.



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