Celebs Who Used To Be Homeless

Celebs Who Used To Be Homeless

By - July 19, 2018

The phrase ‘rags to riches’ is often used to describe the struggle that people went through and how they defied all odds. Even many world famous celebrities struggled to make it to where they are today.   Here are some seriously inspiring celebrities who were once homeless and managed to make their way to the top.

Dr. Phil


Dr. Phil is now one the fifteen richest celebrities in the entire world, and he has inspired people across the globe. However, when he was a young teenager, he left his family with his dad and the two of them lived in their car. They eventually found a small apartment and lived it without water and electricity. After successfully completing his studies, he made an incredible career for himself. 


Jim Carrey


Carrey’s family struggled when his dad lost his job. They lost their home and had no choice but to live in a van. He dropped out of high school at the young age of sixteen, and began to do stand-up gigs in order to help support his family.  During his troubled times, he believes that this is when he developed his unique sense of humor. 


Halle Berry

Berry, at 21 decided to move to New York City in order to pursure her dreams.  She became broke and had no where to live while she was chasing a career as an actress, so she slept in a homeless shelter. Her mom wanted to make her mom self-sufficient and decided to stop sending her money. 


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