Colin Firth’s Wife Has In Fact Had An Affair With Her So Called Stalker

Colin Firth’s Wife Has In Fact Had An Affair With Her So Called Stalker

By Jordan Gold - March 11, 2018

Colin Firth and his wife Livia Giugfioli released a recent statement in British publication, The Times in which they admit that Livia has had an affair with Marco Brancaccia, a 55 year old journalist, who is known to be her alleged stalker.


According to Firth, Marco has been stalking his wife ever since their affair ended.   Several years earlier,  Firth and his wife decided to privately separate. Livia became involved with her old friend, Marco. However since then Colin and Livia got back together, and Marco has continued to harass Livia for several months.


Colin and Livia never publicly spoke about the affair for obvious reasons, however once an Italian newspaper published details about the police investigation, they felt no choice but to come forward.   Although Livia reports that Marco would sent her a frightening amount of text messages since their romance ended, Marco has strongly denied the accusations saying that Livia was simply tying to deny the affair.


Marco has told the press that Livia wanted to leave her husband Colin for him.  According to Marco, after having sent an email to Colin about his relationship with his wife, she filed a complaint about him for stalking her.  Marco claims that she was afraid that he would go public about the affair, but she would sent him hundreds of message with love and photos.


Despite the situation, as it seems Colin and Livia will be staying together through their legal battles with journalist Marco Brancaccia.


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