Cool Facts About Dogs

Feb 18, 2022 ByLaura Lee

The general human populace has agreed unanimously on dogs’ awesomeness and how they are a mans’ best friend. But apart from their loving, clingy, and loyal nature, other cool facts make your dogs even more extraordinary Here are some of them.

Dogs have a fantastic sense of smell. Their sense of smell is at least 40times better than ours because the area of cells in their brain responsible for detecting smell is over 40times larger. It’s one of the numerous reasons forensics employ dogs for investigative crimes. Also, cool facts, dogs can sniff medical conditions and alert owners on their medication. Dogs can perceive time and changes in time; hence the reason dogs can predict regular activities like walks, feeding time, etc.

Dogs have a jealous streak and can get jealous when you display care and attention to other creatures, which is why in most households with dogs and other dogs/pets, dogs get very competitive and always try to win their owners’ affection.

Remember the dogs’ fantastic sense of smell? Well, this smell is not limited to just objects. Dogs can perceive emotions like fear, anger, sadness, disgust, etc.

Woman sitting with dog on doorway of camper van

GettyImages/Klaus Vedfelt/DigitalVision

Petting dogs can vastly improve physical and mental health and wellbeing. For example, studies show that petting a dog for 15mins can reduce blood pressure by over 10% and relieves feelings of loneliness, depression, and stress.

Feeding your dogs chocolate can prove a fatal mistake as chocolate contains theobromine, an ingredient that’s deadly to dogs. Dogs cannot metabolize this ingredient, which leads to a fatal build-up in their system and death.

Finally, like humans identifiable with their fingerprints due to their uniqueness, each dog’s nose print is unique and can be used for identification. Some kennel clubs employ this unique individual pattern of curves and ridges in each dog to identify them.