Creating A Fun Weekend for Yourself

Apr 28, 2022 ByAndrew Parker

Do you find yourself addicted to scrolling through hours on Instagram, taking random Snapchat selfies, scrolling your way through only to find yourself even more bored than you were? When you have seen all the best releases from Netflix, you find yourself almost trapped by that feeling of boredom. Nevertheless, we all have been so bored that it’s essential to find new and creative ways of having fun occasionally.

Quite a few people are growing tired of the conventional ways, such as going to cinemas, so instead of being stuck at home scrolling, some fun things can be done at home or even in your backyard.

The first will be to step out of your comfort zone by doing something new that becomes an even more memorable experience for you. An example would be to go roller skating. It is challenging for newbies, but it becomes super fun when you get the hang of it. While getting in on some Roller Skate Instagram pictures is tempting, learning would be much better. Practice makes perfect.

I am moving on to something a little easier, cooking. Now is the time to put the work into preparing that dish you saw or liked. You could even call up a few friends and participate in a little indoor cooking contest. You could get an inflatable pool for more of a backyard fun experience that you can enjoy. Tan yourself in the backyard, and then take a cool bath in the pool.

Girl riding her push scooter


If you are unaware, now would be an excellent time to learn to play an instrument. Learning to play an instrument is the perfect time of expression and discovery: finding out how to play better and figuring out oneself. As the saying goes, ‘Music is life.’

Lastly, your artistic side is not a requirement to truly enjoy this. You do not have to be a Picasso but with as little as drawing up your scenery or even body painting with friends. You find yourself getting loose, chatty, and ultimately having fun.