Cristiano Ronaldo Leaves A Shockingly Large Tip

Cristiano Ronaldo Leaves A Shockingly Large Tip

By - August 20, 2018

Cristiano Ronaldo as we all know,  is completely loaded. Even with the massive fine (£16.5 million) he was recently given from Spanish courts as part of a tax fraud case, he doesn’t seem to be having any problems. 



Especially since he has been reported to have tipped staff at a Greek hotel $23,175. 


The football star stopped by to visit the breathtaking Costa Navarino resort right after he lost in the World Cup.  Apparently he was so impressed by the staff there and their impeccable service (or perhaps just heartbroken at his team’s loss) that he left one of the biggest tips in history, asking hotel management to split the sum evenly among all the workers.



After his holiday in Greece, he will be preparing for his new life in Italy where he will start playing for Juventus and will receive a salary of £500,000+ per week.  Not too shabby at all man.


At least he knows how to share his fortune with those who deserve it!



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