Cruising Tips for Beginners

Mar 14, 2023 ByClaire Miles

Whether it is a business trip or leisure, cruising is an experience of life that practically everyone should have the pleasure of enjoying. But there are some aspects to consider before you embark on your journey, especially if it is your first time booking a cruise. Since cruises can differ from destination to destination and boat to boat, here are some tips for first-time cruise travelers. Budget and location/route are essential factors when choosing your first cruise. But do not neglect your cruise line choice. You might be tempted to think that cruise ships are unimportant because you will be sleeping and spending too much time in port, but the experience on board varies considerably.

Your baggage will be scanned and possibly checked before boarding. Certain items, including anything with heating elements, such as travel kettles and irons, are prohibited. Some lines allow you to bring a limited amount of alcohol on board, while others do not. Disappointment on the first day of vacation can be avoided if you familiarize yourself with the rules of your chosen line in advance. If you do not live close by, you should plan to arrive at the port of embarkation at least one day before departure. This is especially true if you have to catch a flight, given the last-minute disruptions and cancellations we see in the airline industry.

You do not have to make detailed hourly plans, but it is a good time to research ports of call before you travel. This will help you decide whether to enjoy an expensive boat trip, a self-guided tour, or just a walk. It is easy to get swept up in a cruise vacation due to the all-inclusive nature of meals. Many newbies camp at buffet restaurants for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Instead, you are better off spending most of your time in the main dining room. Overall, it is a much calmer experience with better quality food, service, and presentation.