Delicious Dominican Food Everyone Should Try

Mar 27, 2023 ByClaire Miles

There is a wide array of tasty Dominican dishes worth trying on any visit to the country. With its cultural influences from West Africa, Europe, and Native America, you can be sure that your palate will be delighted with every bite. Whether a hearty meal or different desserts, anyone who loves food can find something they love in Dominican cuisine. La Bandera, or “The Flag,” is named after the flag because of its similarity to the colors of the tricolor of the Dominican Republic. Made with kidney beans, casserole, and steamed rice, this dish will get you ready for the day. The beauty of this mixture of rice, beans, and meat lies in its flexibility. The meat can be boiled or fried, red or white, depending on your preference. La Bandera is mostly eaten for lunch, and due to its popularity on the island, it is likely to be your first taste of Dominican cuisine.

Dumplings are one of the Dominican Republic’s cooking delights and are garnished or served with cheese. The beauty of Domplines is how easy it is to make. As a result, this dish became a staple throughout the Dominican Republic. You can find it served with salami, meat, herring, and many other toppings. Dumplings are popular at any time and can also be served for breakfast. Once you have tried these diverse and beloved dumplings, you may never want to go back to oatmeal or toast in the morning.

Local fresh seafood plate. Dominican Republic.

Getty Images/Moment/Marco Bottigelli

Arroz con gandules, or rice with pigeon peas, is a Caribbean specialty, and the Dominicans eat it voraciously. Pigeon beans are a popular food in the Caribbean but originated in India. Through the ages, they have traveled the world and are today found in a variety of recipes and dishes throughout the Caribbean islands and Central America. This variation of rice and peas uses the flavor of cooked green pigeon peas, often cooked with coconut, adding a slight sweetness to the dish. Pigeon pea rice is a festive dish enjoyed throughout December and Christmas. Healthy, fresh, and slightly sweet, it is a treat that soothes the stomach and the soul.