Dior Copied The Romanians & They Fought Back

Dior Copied The Romanians & They Fought Back

By Jordan Gold - July 10, 2018

Fashion brands are commonly blamed for stealing the unique designs of local cultures without giving them any credit.  When Dior’s pre-fall collection came onto the market,  people started to notice that their clothes looked oddly familiar. And as it turns out,  the Dior coat is very similar to the traditional Romanian Bihor coat. The only difference?  Dior is selling the coat for 30,000 euros.  None of the proceeds will go to the Bihor community, as they have not sourced them as their main inspiration.


Well, a Romanian fashion magazine, Beau Monde, was not ready to let this slide. They launched a campaign to bring justice to their country. They created together with native craftsmen and designer and new fashion line that preserves their traditions, known as Bihor Couture.  It’s just like Dior’s line, but for a much more reasonable price, and giving the proceeds to the craftsmen that deserve it.



The small Romanian region of Bihor is full of unique and stunning cultural traditions, and the locals are very proud of their clothing designs that makes them stand out.  We are happy they are finally getting the recognition they deserve.

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