Easy Ways To Cut Down On Plastic Usage

Apr 20, 2022 ByAndrew Parker

The Earth is drowning in plastic. There is so much single-use plastic in landfills around the world with no straightforward way to get rid of them. Much of the world’s plastic waste ends up in oceans, where it has fatal consequences for marine life and also ruins the beauty of oceans. Single-use plastics are destroying the only planet we have and in order to save our species from extinction, it is essential that we cut down on plastic usage. All you have to do is follow a few simple techniques. 

The first step is to get a cloth bag. Take this with you wherever you go. Whether it be to the farmer’s market or a supermarket or even the mall. Make sure you have this cloth bag with you and put all your purchases in this very bag. While we are shopping we tend to collect many plastic bags with us and carrying a cloth bag can prevent this. 

Another way to cut down on plastic usage is to use plastic-free containers and utensils. Use Glass or metal jars to store grains, nuts, flour, and other foods, as well as laundry detergent, dish soap, and body creams. Also, use a metal straw instead of single-use plastic straws and instead of buying coffee in plastic cups each time, carry your own metal travel cup and get your coffee filled in it. Imagine how much plastic wastage we would cut down on if all of us carried our own travel cups and metal straws! 

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Wearing natural clothes is also a great way to cut down on plastic usage. Wear clothing made of fabrics such as cotton, wool, hemp, and silk. These do not contain synthetic fibers, which are a major contributor to plastic wastage. Moreover, second-hand clothing since there are numerous landfills loaded with clothes. Wearing used clothing will be your input in reducing plastic waste.