Easy Ways To Hang Your Curtains

Nov 18, 2022 ByAndrew Parker

Whether you have a large or small window, finding a way to hang the curtains without the hassle of drilling and nailing can be pretty challenging. Also, when purchasing curtains, many people get stuck with the dilemma that they either have to drill holes in their walls or buy expensive track-mounted curtains. However, hanging curtains without drilling is a simple and not-too-expensive solution that saves time and budget. It may not be the fastest way, but it is an easy way.

Here are a few ways to hang your curtains without drilling. Adhesive hooks are one of the easiest ways to hang a curtain without drilling. It comes in various styles, sticks well to the wall, and can be paired with straight curtains rods. The hook strength ranges from four to twenty holding power per hook. Adhesive hooks are easy to remove and do not damage the wall surface.

Magnetic curtain rods only make sense when hanging something on a metal door or window frame and are designed for lightweight curtains. They are available in various styles, and some come with adhesive strips that can attach the rods to other materials. The temporary curtain rod will stick directly to the door, so you can easily open and close the curtain without worrying about falling. Magnetic curtain rods are easy to install, easy to remove, and available in adjustable widths.

Command hooks are another answer to hanging curtains without drilling the wall. They have a thinner, rounder bottom hook that fits most curtain rods or wooden dowels; they even make special ones for this purpose. You must hang a hook on each window side and attach a rod. If you plan on opening and closing the curtains frequently, you will probably want to tie the rod to the hooks to keep it from sliding.