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Everything You Should Know About Dip Excercises

Oct 06, 2022 ByAndrew Parker

Dip exercise is an exercise for toned and stronger triceps muscles. They can be challenging and effective, but if done regularly, it gives amazing results. Here are a few dip exercises you can practice at home or the gym. Bench dip. This exercise strengthens the triceps and shoulders. Stand with your back to the bench and keep it on edge. Place your heel on the ground or your feet on another bench of the same height, then use your hands to lift yourself. The plank is a great way to build upper body strength and endurance. Lie down on your stomach and place your forearms under your shoulders. Then, raise your hips off the ground and hold that position. Hold that position for 30 seconds and rest before repeating.

Parallel bar dip. This help in strengthening the chest and triceps and broadening the shoulders. To start, stand between a pair of parallel bars and hold them. Place your weight on your hands and lift yourself until your hands are straight, then lower your body until your arms form 90 degrees. Ring dip. This exercise works the whole body, especially the arms, shoulders, and abdomen. In this exercise, you lift yourself with your hands firm on a ring instead of a single bar. The ring makes it more challenging to stabilize. Therefore, more effort is needed.

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Straight bar dip. This is more difficult than parallel bars and also has more advantages. Place your hands on the bar above your chest and lift yourself until your arms are fully extended. This also works for the triceps, creating a wider upper back. Korean dip is one of the toughest dips, where the bars are behind you in a variant of the straight bar dip. It needs total body strength and is more difficult than straight bars. This exercise also strengthens your lower back, abdomen, and hamstrings to prevent swaying.