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Exercising During Your Period

Apr 16, 2022 ByAndrew Parker

Working out while you are on your period sounds dreadful. And despite the many suggestions of working out to ease period cramps, there is barely anyone who tries it. Because why would anyone want to leave the comfort of their bed to workout, out while period cramps are haunting each cell in your body. However, scientific research proves that exercise does alleviate period cramps. Next time you are on your period, push yourself out of bed to work out. Only once, just to see exercise does really ease period cramps. 

Even before your period starts, exercising will make you feel better by lowering PMS symptoms. PMS makes you feel fatigued and low. Aerobic exercise regardless of the intensity will help lessen these symptoms, making you feel more energetic, as well as, help improve your mood. Even while you are on your period, and you are not feeling your best, exercising helps because it releases high levels of endorphins into your body. Endorphins are chemicals that are natural painkillers and will provide you with relief from the physical discomfort that your period accompanies. These chemicals are also responsible for the workout high you feel afterward. 

Woman in various exercise poses

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Exercise does not mean you need to lift weights or do intense cardio, it can be as simple as taking a walk in your backyard or jogging for a little bit. Some of the best exercises you can do on your period are walking and light cardio. You can also do low-volume strength training and power-based exercises. But make sure to listen to your body, if you feel it is getting too much, make sure to either stop altogether or not increase the intensity any further. 

Yoga and pilates are also great forms of exercise when you are on your period. It will help you relax your body and help reduce symptoms such as cramping and muscular fatigue. The bottom line is, to make sure to exercise. At the same time, ensure that the exercise should not be one, which may strain your body!