Festivals From Across The World That You Can’t Miss

Festivals From Across The World That You Can’t Miss

By - March 13, 2018

There are tons of festivals around the world that celebrate either a country’s culture, or simply life itself.  As if we really needed another excuse to eat, drink and party with our best friends?  Festivals are the ideal chance to get to know a new place, new customs and truly see a city come alive.  Here are some of the best festivals from around the world that you won’t want to miss.


Holi Festival, India

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The Holi Festival in India might very well the most colorful festival in the world.  The theme of the festival is to celebrate good overpowering evil. The main highlight of the festival that brings people from across the globe is the incredible color fight. Using colored powder and water people throw the most vibrant colors of paint of each other. It’s a once in a lifetime experience.

Oktoberfest, Germany

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All beer lovers must book a flight now to Germany (actually best off from September to October, when the festival is happening) this festival was made just for you.  In actual fact, it started out as a royal marriage all the way back in 1810, however today more than 6 million people come every year for this epic beer festival.  You won’t find anyone at the festival without a pint in hand and who isn’t singing and dancing.

Carnevale Di Venezia, Italy

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The Carnevale festivals begins from the end of January and runs until the middle of February, in the magical city of Venice. The city is a unique gem with the most gorgeous canals and colorful buildings that will spark you wanderlust like no other. The festival brings the city to life even more with people wearing traditional Venetian masks and elaborate costumes, showing Italian history and culture at it’s finest through impressive performances.

Mardi Gras, New Orleans

If you weren’t already convinced that you need to visit New Orleans because of their famous beignets, then the Mardi Gras festival will surely have you paying them a visit.  The celebration is Italian-French inspired and is one of the world’s funnest celebrations, with so much color, vibrancy and life. The official colors of the festivals are gold, purple, and green, so make sure you’re dressed appropriately. The streets are filled with floats, bands, masks and beads.


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