Finding Haute Couture At A Thrift Store

Jul 21, 2023 ByClaire Miles

If you are like us and don’t want to buy haute couture dresses from luxury brands, then you are in the right place. We just got to thinking that we can easily buy tops, dresses, and jeans from thrift stores but we have never thought about buying haute couture dresses from thrift stores. One of the most ideal characteristics of haute couture pieces is how these pieces are not created for the current trend but are timeless pieces for example the well-known Marilyn Monroe dress that was worn by Kim Kardashian years later. Just like you, we wish we could do the same but what if we tell you that is possible?

You won’t be able to find these haute couture dresses so easily because people usually don’t want to give up on time because of their timeless characteristics. Moreover, these haute couture dresses only seem to increase in value because of the exquisite handwork and creativity that goes into making them. However, you might be able to find these pieces in thrift stores in England because people used to wear gowns and dresses back in the day which is now treated as pieces of haute couture. Haute couture that you see nowadays on runways and fashion shows won’t be available at thrift stores for quite a few years because of their increasing value. But some people might want to cash them out for extra money. The thrift stores in England might not be selling them for exorbitant prices because the people who end up selling them don’t usually realize the investment they are giving up on. These timeless pieces can finally be affordable for you to purchase.

Woman looking at dress hanging on rack while standing at store

Getty Images/Maskot/Maskot

Haute couture dresses from the 1980s would still be glamorous in today’s date. An example of that can be the dresses that you might have seen celebrities wear at the MET Gala which is held annually. None of the haute couture pieces are designed while keeping the current trends in the account. Either fly to England or hope for a thrift store that sells haute couture dresses in other parts of the world.