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Fondue Cheese Types

Aug 20, 2022 ByAndrew Parker

Choosing the best cheese is very important in making fondue. The classic fondue is made in a fondue pot and can be customized to your preference, and you can enjoy it in different ways. Here is the list of perfect cheese for fondue making. First on the list is Swiss Cheese Fondue. It combines three types of Swiss cheese (1/3 Gruyere, 1/3 Gouda, and 1/3 Fontina). These cheeses blends and gives a rich and smooth flavor. To achieve this, grate these cheese to a fine-grated size and mix them.

Next on the list is Gruyere Cheese. It is a yellow Swiss cheese hard in block form and difficult to cut. It has a slightly salty taste but is sweet and does not spoil quickly. It works so well for fondue because of its flavor and creamy texture. Next on the list is Gouda Cheese. It is a much brighter yellow type of cheese than Gruyere but has a sweet and smoky flavor and is made from cow milk. It is a creamy Dutch cheese very known in the world. It is great for melting because it is semi-hard, making it suitable for fondue, and it takes up to 15-20 minutes to melt.

Next on the list is Fontina. It is a cow milk cheese that hails from northern Italy. Incredibly rich and creamy, its flavors are sweet and pungent. It is also called fontal, fontella or fontinella. It is a semi-hard cheese that melts well, making it perfect for fondue. Lastly, we have Comte Cheese, which originated from France. It is the most sought French cheese made from unpasteurized cow milk. It has fruity, slightly sweet, and mild flavors. It is similar to Gruyere cheese, but the aging procedure is different. Comte cheese pairs well with other cheese.