Food Museums Around The World Every Foodie Must Visit

Feb 09, 2020 ByAndrew Parker

Museums aren’t for everyone. Most of the time when one thinks about museums they think abstract art they need a degree to understand or a bunch of boring lectures. It can be difficult for some to stand in front of a sculpture or painting and pretend to have that lightbulb moment of understanding. But the truth is museums offer more than just analyzing artwork all day long. Museums can be interactive and an adventure for everybody. There are all kinds of museums and not all of them revolve around art. In fact, some of them are all about food. Yes, food! You’d be surprised to find out about the different exhibitions all over the world showcasing all things food. Here are a few food museums in major cities around the world you should most definitely visit.

The Frietmuseum

The one food that is almost impossible to say no to: french fries! Although you’ve probably had french fries more times than you can count, how much do you actually know about potatoes? Interesting question, right? Well, the Frietmuseum is here to answer all things potato. If you want to know where potatoes come from, where french fries were invented, and if they are actually from France, then look no further. Founded in 2008, this museum considers itself to be the “first and only museum dedicated to potato fries.” It’s located in the small town of Bruges in Belgium.

The Museum Of Ice Cream

Ice cream: the one food that unites us all. Thanks for the 26 year old genius Maryellis Bunn, the Museum of Ice Cream was born. Bunn wanted to create a space to make people to feel less lonely which she felt while living in New York City. Since opening in 2016 as a small art exhibit in New York City, the museum has been traveling in the U.S. since. It’s popped up in Miami and San Francisco. Create some memorable moments as you eat ice cream with friends and family in this deliciously sweet museum everyone can enjoy!

The Gingerbread Museum

Well, this is the cutest yet totally strange museum we’ve ever seen! Well, okay it isn’t quite a museum. It’s rather a small art exhibit located in Prague, Czech Republic. They also operate a little shop, too! If you’re a gingerbread lover (which, quite frankly, who isn’t?) then you will love all the variety of gingerbread cookies and designs inside. The cookies are always fresh and guaranteed delicious.

The Museu De La Xocolata

Calling all chocolate lovers worldwide! Boy, do we have the museum for you. The Museu de la Xocolata is one of the most educational places in the world when it comes to all things chocolate. They present the history of chocolate in Europe from the discovery of cacao, exchanges between countries, and lessons on how to eat chocolate using your sense. The moment you get your ticket you’re given a piece of chocolate. Now that’s what we’re talking about! Also, they have statues made out of chocolate that belong on your Instagram.