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Fun Fitness Activities to Do with Kids

Jan 23, 2023 ByAndrew Parker

Keeping kids active and healthy is not always easy. Still, there are plenty of fun fitness activities for you to do with children that encourage physical activity and making memories. From outdoor games like tags to indoor strength training exercises, it can keep your entire family entertained while promoting an active lifestyle. Exercise can double as playtime and help little ones develop physical skills. Here are a few fun fitness activities to do together with your kids. A scavenger hunt involves finding items from a list in specific rooms or outdoor areas. Kids will love checking out each item found or collected on the list. If you want to add more exercise to this activity, request each clue. This activity is fun because it can be complex, long or short, and engaging.

Playing ball games indoors or outdoors can be great exercise for kids. Some of the benefits include aerobic exercise, balance, and coordination exercise. Also, kids are drawn to activities that involve a ball. Some examples of indoor ball games that do not take up a lot of space are: throwing a ball into a laundry basket, hitting balls on target with a household item, and throwing or rolling a ball against the wall. Other ideas include dribbling, passing, and rolling the ball back and forth between partners. Parents should always find a safe place to play with the balls indoors, and when playing indoors, it is best to use a softball to keep the game safe and injury free.

African father and his two daughter morning exercise at home.

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Squats and lunges are simple exercises that strengthen the legs and give children a good foundation for all sports and fitness. Try front, back, and side lunges and classic squats. Make it into a game by counting how much your child can do in a 30 seconds interval while maintaining proper form. The knees should be kept in line with the feet and not burnt too much. You can incorporate jumping into the squat by having your children jump between repetitions every time they stand up.