Fun Sleepover Activities

Oct 16, 2022 ByAndrew Parker

The best thing about having a sleepover is spending time together without worrying about anything else. However, sometimes people tend to get bored after a while. There is nothing wrong with playing some games or enjoying some snacks, but if you want to save yourself from boredom, here are some fun activities you can try. You may choose to do your scavenger hunt or go online to search for some exciting scavenger hunts. A scavenger hunt is a game where teams have to find specific items hidden around a location. One of the best scavenger hunts has 20 questions about famous landmarks worldwide, and each team only has five minutes to complete as many questions as they can before their timer runs out. No one will feel left out if everyone gets a chance to participate.

A camping trip nearby would be fun if you live near water. Prepare everything beforehand, including food, blankets, tents, flashlights, and extra batteries. When you arrive at your destination, you can set up camp, cook meals, and enjoy nature. If you cannot access a campsite close to a lake, you can still take a day or two off to go hiking. You could even try fishing, swimming, or picnicking to keep yourselves occupied.

Easter egg hunt clues


If you are looking for a different topic to discuss, talk about your life experiences. Maybe one person had a bad experience while another had a good one. Or perhaps you can compare how similar the two stories were. No matter what, talking about personal experiences is a great conversation starter. Everyone loves movies, especially if it is a good one. To keep yourself entertained, bring snacks and drinks, and watch some movies together. If you are worried that someone might fall asleep, putting on some background music is okay to keep the vibe right.