Games To Keep Your Fluffy Friend Out Of Trouble

Mar 09, 2022 ByRebecca Rodriguez

Are you looking for a fun and easy method to keep your dog occupied and out of mischief? Try incorporating a few entertaining games into their daily routine. Playing games with your dog keeps them active, entertained, and out of danger. Most importantly, it’s a lot of fun for both you and your dog. Although ‘fetch’ is the most popular dog game, there are numerous others you can indulge in to give your pet incredible playtime.

A fun game like a flirt pole uses the flirt pole to tease your dog and helps maintain their mental and physical activity. They’re especially beneficial for high-energy dogs, as just one short session will completely exhaust your dog. A flirt pole, also known as a flirt stick, is a long pole with a rope at the end with a bait attached to it to attract your dog to chase it. Flirt poles are a terrific way to work while still being mentally engaging. They’re a non-destructive way for your dog to express their natural predatory instinct. They’re also helpful for developing fundamental impulse control skills like letting go on demand.

Man playing tug of war with dog in park

GettyImages/Morsa Images/DigitalVision

Although hide and seek seems like a silly game only kids should indulge in, they make a fun activity for your pets and will give them the time of their lives. Just recalling how fun it was playing this game as a kid brings back fun memories. 

Lastly, how about playing ‘find the treat’ with your pets. To start to play, find the treats, and place some treats on the ground while your dog is in the stay position. Give your dog the command to ‘find the treats,’ and encourage them to do so. If they’re having trouble, point to them and assist them. Praising them each time they find one will help them along the path.