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Gearing Up For The Gym

Apr 25, 2022 ByClaire Miles

Working out is crucial for your physical health and your mental health. Working out more at home has become conventional due to the Covid wave, which shut down the world. As things are slowly picking back up and everyone is looking to hit the gym, I will be letting you know of some core essential workout gears needed. 

Your workout outfits begin with a great pair of shorts, one that is perhaps fitted and preferably slightly above the knees. For shirts, the best value will be to go for one that holds up well, the Uniqlo Dry-EX, which dries moisture faster to keep you cool. Your shoes are the next step; when selecting a pair of workout shoes, go for ones with open weaves, which means they are breathable and suitable for lifting, squats, etc. It is always preferable to have two of the same workout shoes keeping one on you and another in your registered gym venue. A top shoe brand recommendation is Reebok. 

The gym outfit, of course, is not complete without your gym headphones, preferably one with noise cancellation and bass, to keep you focused on putting in that work. If you take squats or lift weights, you need your weightlifting belts. They help reduce the stress on your lower back and support your spine, especially for beginners. It is a means of stabilizing, stretching, or strengthening the muscles. Just like the weightlifting belts, you also need some resistance bands. Owning one helps in bringing out the quality of your workouts.

View from above dumbbells and exercise equipment

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Skipping is said to be one of the most efficient workouts. As silly as this may sound, skipping rope is a gear you should have on you, not only as a beginner but even when you have attained your body goals. Your water bottle is also an essential gear for a workout. It probably carries your caffeine or protein shake, or water. Also, it would be best to have your towel and deodorant on you after your hourly reps before heading home or to your daily activity.