Getting Over an Ex

Nov 21, 2022 ByAndrew Parker

Breakups and ceasing all contact, fixation, and contemplation about the ex are arguably among the most challenging aspects of dating. Sometimes it feels like you might never stop thinking about them. Even worse, you begin worrying excessively about their life without you, potential new partners, and the prospect of reconciliation. Suppose this sounds like you; follow these steps. Due to the difficulty in quitting obsessing over a relationship because of social media, it is initially advised to unfriend them or promise not to check their page until you are over them. It would be best if you also exercise caution when visiting or reading mutuals’ pages and postings because you might see or hear about the ex there.

Get rid of any reminders of your ex; this is crucial. It’s advisable to get rid of any souvenirs, modest, inexpensive items once owned by the ex, as well as any notes and letters. Each one of these cues has the potential to elicit intense feelings and memories that breed obsession. Even though this may seem simple, it is crucial. Eliminating all forms of communication, including face-to-face meetings, is the most significant way to move on. Therefore, avoid scheduling an appointment at your neighborhood gym or coffee shop. Schedule changes may be necessary.

To put it another way, picture your life after you’ve recovered from the loss of your ex. You’ll have a better chance of realizing your new vision if you can provide additional specifics. If it helps, create a vision board for the future that reflects your goals. It’s a lot of repetition with this one. Set a no-contact policy until you’ve finished your grief and moved on to the point of understanding that it is over. Requesting your friends to support you to stop speaking with or about your ex is not a bad idea. Ask them to help you go on with your life by encouraging you to put on your big boy or girl pants instead.