Healthy Rules That Don’t Need To Be Followed

Healthy Rules That Don’t Need To Be Followed

By - July 3, 2018

We’ve all got the basics of a healthy lifestyle stuck in our heads, and have accepted them all as the truth (whether or not we follow them).  But with more and more research in modern times, we’ve seen that these rules don’t need to followed to strictly to maintain a healthy lifestyle.



Sleeping for 8 hours:  Research has found that a person only really needs 7 hours of sleep to function properly and feel energized throughout the day.  So don’t stress about that extra hour, you will be just fine with 7.


Eating a big breakfast:  This is not true for everyone, it depends on a lot of factors. Sure, it’s recommended in most cases, but if you’re not hungry there’s no reason to force yourself to eat.


Running in the morning:  The belief that it’s better to run in the morning is far from true. Running at night is equally as good, and it depends on the person and when they feel most energized and awake.


Avoid sweets at all costs: This too is not true. Our body needs the sugar since it contains glucose, which is vital for our brain to function properly. There’s just no need to eat sweets in large quantities. It’s all about balance.


Train until you are drained:   If your body did not ache the next day, you still probably had a great and effective workout. If you’re in so much pain, then you probably overdid it.


Not drinking water during meals: Our bodies need water and by drinking it while eating it can help us better digest the food, as well as absorb it.


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