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Holiday Trip Packing Advice You Didn’t Know You Needed

Nov 11, 2021 ByLaura Lee

Whether you are flying to celebrate with family abroad, to take that long-deserved winter Paris vacation, or to get away from the cold weather to a tropical island, the drama of packing is unavoidable. There is a lot more that goes into packing effectively than just a list of clothes, which in itself is hard to make! 

Let’s go over some tips for packing efficiently, to not have any bad surprises or disappointments when you land. If you don’t have one already, start by buying a lightweight suitcase. While you are out shopping for packing supplies, check out air compression bags. These are great for sparing as much space as possible. Another store necessity: large zip lock bags. You can use them for a variety of things, such as packing snacks for day trips or holding wet bathing suits.

Woman Packing Suitcase For Travelling

GettyImages/Natalia Kostikova/EyeEm

While going over your closet, pack clothing items that have a similar color palette to have as many available outfit options on your trip. Place a dryer sheet near your clean clothes so that they don’t pick up any smelly odors during your travel. 

Let’s talk shoes. Pack shoes and toiletries close to the wheels, and lighter clothes close to the top of your suitcase. That way, when you stand it up, the heavier items won’t wrinkle your clothing. Before adding them to your baggage, stuff your shoes with socks to help them preserve their shape and prevent dents. Place them foot-to-toe to save space and cover the bottom of your shoe soles with reusable shower caps to prevent any dirt on them from getting on any of the other items you may be flying with.

A last reminder! If you are traveling internationally, don’t forget to bring an adapter. A multi-plug, universal one is always best. Roll up the cables for your chargers for organization and keep all of your small electronics together so that you don’t lose them on your trip.