Hosting a Book Club Party

Feb 15, 2023 ByClaire Miles

Book clubs are a great way to meet new people and discuss your favorite books, and hosting a book club party is a great way to get everyone involved! Here are some tips on hosting a successful book club party: Choose a theme for your party. It can be based on the book you are reading, or it could be something entirely different. Ensure that all of your guests know what they are expected to bring so there is no confusion later.

Once you have decided on your location and date, reserve them immediately! The more people who RSVP, the better your chances of getting a good turnout. Create an atmosphere conducive to discussion. Instead of having people sit at a table, try to get comfortable furniture such as couches or armchairs so that everyone can relax and talk without feeling confined. Alternatively, you could create an area where people can sit with a blanket and watch a movie together (if your party is themed around a specific film). Get creative with your food choices. Instead of serving typical snacks, go all out and serve dishes inspired by the book you are reading. For example: if you are reading a book set in France, you could make French onion soup or crepes with various fillings such as Nutella and fruit.

Make sure that everyone has something to do. If nothing is left to talk about, it can be challenging for your guests to find something else to do! To prevent this from happening, try to have a few activities planned out beforehand. The best book club parties are where everyone gets involved and participates in discussions, games, and other activities. Try not to force your guests into participating in games if they do not want to; instead, ask them what they want to do and make an activity out of it. For example, if your book club members want to play cards, ask them about the kind of card game they would like to play (e.g., poker or blackjack) and then set up the table with appropriate cards, a dealer’s button, chips, etc.