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Hotel Offers Fantasy Inspired Rooms To Guests

Aug 25, 2020 ByAndrew Parker

There is no doubt that we all could use a little extra whimsy and wonder in our lives right now! That is why when we heard about this Cinderella motel room, we had to share it with everyone! You are formally invited to treat yourself to an extravagant getaway fit for a princess in this Cinderella-inspired motel room. The magical tower cottage is one of several themed bedrooms at The Roxbury Motel in Roxbury, New York. “Cinderella’s Gown,” aka Room 42, is adorned with all the extras a princess would desire: chandeliers, gold accents, hand-painted pumpkin vines along the walls, and cozy finishes that make the two-bedroom suite feel like a 17th-century fairy tale cottage.

The tower suite features two private ensuites, one with a mural of Cinderella’s villae and another enclosed in a giant pumpkin carriage that morphed into a bathroom! The downstairs bedroom has its own fireplace and includes an 18-foot ball gown that acts as a canopy over the bed. Other features include a refreshment area, a screened-in back porch with outdoor dining tables, a view of the surrounding mountains and meadows, and a common living area with a sleeper sofa. The room can accommodate up to six guests and ranges in price for $450 to $620 per night. It’s already booked through the third week of October. The Roxbury Motel is taking increased safety precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 for the health and safety of guests and staff.

And if you’re in the market for more magical motel rooms, The Roxbury Motel offers a Wizard of Oz-sinspired motel room! Inspired by the classic 1939 movie, the emerald-embellished motel room is decorated in glittering accents of green and gold. It even comes with a hand-painted mural depicting the sparkling lights of the Emerald City. “The Wizard of Emeralds,” or Room 21, even features an actual yellow brick road that divides the room and runs up the length of the mural. The room even includes a ruby slipper wine bottle holder, a two-person soaking tub with dual shower heads, dual vanities, and a bathroom painted with massive poppies. The king-size bed comes with a sparkling emerald bedspread and a pillow that looks like the Wicked Witch of the East’s legs before they shriveled up under that house in the movie. The room is already booked through to late September, so if you’re looking to take a walk down the yellow brick road before the end of the year, book your stay soon!