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How The Stars Travel

Aug 24, 2021 ByRebecca Rodriguez

Life for the rich and famous is filled with extravagances and experiences that for many will only ever be dreamed of. Whether it be the size of their homes, the clothes they wear, or the incredible cars they drive, the 1% live in such a way that would truly stun the rest of us. There are some aspects to that luxurious lifestyle that is often not even thought of, or so far exceed the expectations of everyday people that it seems like fiction. One such experience is the private lounge at LAX that is custom-made for stars and dignitaries.

United Plane

GettyImages/Kevork Djansezian/Getty Image News

While for many first-class travel is the height of what is imaginable when it comes to luxury amenities, the truth is that the real premier experience goes far beyond even that of extra-large seats and amazing airplane food. LAX has separate private terminals for those willing and can afford to truly splurge on their travel experience.  The terminal is called ‘PS’ which stands for Private Suites and it is on another level of airport splendor.

The Private Suite service includes jaw-dropping utilities and extras that would leave even the most spoiled of celebrities feeling pampered. The Private Suites’ most obvious and perhaps most important aspect is the privacy it affords. Clients of the PS have a private entrance and exit to and the airport and are always the first to board. The Private Suites even chauffeurs their guests to and from the plane itself in a BMW SUV. Further features of the PS include a chef that prepares meals on-site with fresh ingredients, electronic accessories and toiletries that ensure that both you and your electronics leave fully charged, and even a doctor that can be arranged to be waiting for you with a ready prescription for whatever might be ailing you.