How This Woman Made Sure Her Luggage Wouldn’t Get Stolen

How This Woman Made Sure Her Luggage Wouldn’t Get Stolen

By - February 18, 2018

It made it to the headlines of the international news that a woman traveling home for the New Year from Dongguan, in China worried so much about her luggage that she actually climbed into the X-ray machine of the train station in order to make sure no one would steal her precious bag.


The anonymous woman is reported to have had  a very large sum on money in her bag, and therefore when she had no choice but to put her luggage through the X-ray machine for security scanning,  she also felt no choice but to go in with it. She got down on her hands and knees, and jumped into the scanner machine herself.


The woman is reported to have very calmly and casually gone through the conveyer belt, get up and take her luggage and rush to catch her train.  Chinese media has actual footage of the woman inside the scanner protecting her bag.


The train station staff have advised other passengers to not take her example, not only because it is illegal, but also since radiation can be a health hazard.




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